Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We are committed to building a learning community rooted in the inclusion and acceptance of neurodiversity, providing a nurturing education that cultivates human flourishing and prepares learners for an ever changing future.

Our Vision

Our current education system is in a crisis that has been many years in the making. It's often been said that were you to travel one hundred years into the past the world would be largely unrecognisable with one exception: the schools. From mental health problems to a lack of real world skills, the traditional approach might have been effective at preparing students for monotonous factory work, but it's clearly failing a generation in the present.

We want to reimagine education from the ground up. We believe that rather than propelling us forward, traditional approaches are holding us back. We want to create an accessible, equitable education that meets the actual needs of children not just in the here and now, but many years after they have graduated. This is OTO's purpose.

“Educaction,” Socrates told, “is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel.” Indeed, the root of the work education comes from the Latin, educare, meaning to “bring out” or “lead forth”. We want to return to education's true meaning. An education that takes individual learners and asks: “how can we bring out the best in them?”

The profile of an OTO graduate

Our mission is to empower all our learners to flourish in the 21st Century and beyond. To fulfil this mission we aim for our graduates to possess the following attributes, which make up our "Profile of a Graduate".


Playful, imaginative thinkers who can approach situations in novel ways.

Creative Thinking

Skilled problem solvers who can effectively apply logical reasoning, understand biases, and display mental agility.


Team players who inspire and manage others towards a common goal.


Articulate communicators who excel at storytelling and public speaking, know how to ask the right questions, and demonstrate active listening.

Self Awareness

Self confident, motivated individuals who know their own strength and emotions.


Open minded, caring people who celebrate diversity and welcome new perspectives.


Lifelong learners who are naturally inquisitive of the world around them.


Development of mental flexibility that embraces new situations, motivates self-improvement, and overcomes challenges.


Digitally fluent citizens who are comfortable navigating through digital spaces and adapting to new technologies.

Global Perspectives

Awareness of global issues, and understanding the diversity of worldviews across cultures and groups.