Why online learning?

Is your child struggling in mainstream education? Do you want a transformative education that works around their needs, and not the other way around? Do you want a more flexible, personalised approach to learning that has been designed with neurodiverse learners in mind?

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At OTO, we believe traditional brick and mortar schools aren't necessarily the best choice for every learner at any given time. We find that many learners, especially neurodiverse children, do not find their needs being fully met in traditional mainstream education. Instead of going with the status quo, we take a different approach to education that unlocks the full potential of each learner.


Why choose OTO?

OTO is the leading online school that puts wellbeing and mental health first. We have built on almost 20 years of experience bringing about change in specialist education.

Our Story

Personalised learning

Say goodbye to crowded classrooms and a one-size-fits-all approach. The OTO learning model is based around small class sizes an highly personalised content and instruction. Every child is different and we believe that this should be reflected in their education.

Flexible and Accessible

Being an online school, OTO gives learners the flexibility to access learning anytime and anywhere. Our flexible approach allows learners to have more control over their education and maintain a balance between school and other commitments.


We embrace differences. Neurodiverse learners deserve access to a world-class education that empowers them for today and the future. We create an environment that actively celebrates diversity, where individual differences are seen as unique strengths not weaknesses. This is all facilitated by experienced educators who understand the nuances and complexities of neurodiversity.


Education is more than just about passing exams. It is about nurturing well-rounded individuals who will flourish in whatever situation they are placed in. OTO takes holistic development seriously and integrates social-emotional learning, life skills, and wellbeing into the curriculum.


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