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What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity refers to variations and differences in the human brain. At OTO we feel that neurodiversity is not a binary classification (that you either are neurodiverse or not), but more of spectrum that describes the inherent differences between different brains. In a way, in this view we all have neurodiverse traits, because no two brains are the same.

However, we recognise that certain groups of learners who may have a different brain structure, chemistry, and/or functioning than what is considered to be 'neurotypical' often find themselves feeling unsupported by traditional education systems. These neurodiverse learners may have ADHD, autism, dyslexia, learning differences, and more which can affect how they navigate the world, process information, and learn.

Why traditional schools often fail neurodiverse learners

Many of the problems that neurodiverse learners often face in traditional schools stem from the fact these schools simply are not designed with them in mind. At best traditional schools make partial accommodations to some aspect of school life. At worst, neurodiverse learners are forgotten about or even seen as 'inferior'. Though we applaud many of the efforts to help neurodiverse learners and do feel that the tide is slowly turning, there is still so much work to do.


How OTO can help

At OTO we believe that taking a neurodiverse approach to education benefits everyone. Our neurodiversity paradigm is about a new perspective that permeates everything we do. It is about realising that differences in brain function are perfectly normal and should be accepted. It is about building a universal school framework that raises standards for everyone.

Staff Expertise

Our staff are all trained in neurodiversity and undergo continual development to stay on top of all the latest research and developments. Additionally, staff frequently meet to discuss what they have learnt and how they can help each other raise standards across the board. Within our team we also embrace diversity as well and take pride in our culture of acceptance and celebration of differences. In fact, many of our own staff identify as neurodiverse themselves and understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities neurodiversity presents.

Personalised, Flexible Learning

Our online school approach is highly personalised and flexible. Learners have an extremely high degree of autonomy and agency over their education. From what they can study, to when they study it, we employ adaptable learning structure and schedules that support students without being overly restrictive. Our approach allows for deeper and more creative learning experiences while also accommodating any specific needs such as regular movement breaks or sensory integration.

Unlocking their superpowers

Just because someone is neurodiverse does not mean that they are any 'less' than a neurotypical peer. It simply means that they have a different set of need, abilities, and capabilities. Everybody has their own superpower whether this be creativity, problem solving, intense passions, and more. While traditional education might not be as accommodating of these unique skills, at OTO, we believe one of our goals is to help unlock these superpowers for all learners.


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