Our approach

OTO uses a unique learning framework that is designed to foster a lifelong love of learning and prepare our learners for the 21st century and beyond.

Online learning

At OTO, we believe that many of the current education systems and structures were designed for a world of the past that no longer exists. Instead of going with the status quo, OTO has designed a learning framework delivers a highly personalised, holistic education that empowers students to flourish in the 21st Century.

The learning framework builds on evidenced based research and has been developed to ensure that learners are well equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to face whatever challenges and opportunities that confront them – whether this be in further education, future employment, or as an individual and part of a community.

Academic excellence is promoted not through the rote memorisation of facts and figures but through a rigorous and challenging curriculum that is relevant, engaging, and fun. The outstanding exam results our learners go on to achieve are just one by-product of the education they experience.

Online learning

At OTO, we recognise that both synchronous (live) and asynchronous modes of learning have their own strengths. Live classes give learners the opportunity to participate in a fun, collaborative way with their teacher and peers while learning that is access by a learner at their own pace is perfect for giving them more flexibility and agency over their education. That's why, at OTO, we use a mixture of both to give our learners the best possible outcomes.

Project learning

We value learning through projects. We find that project based learning not only enables learners to access a deeper, more creative understanding of knowledge and skills, but also that it equips them with key attributes such as planning, goal setting, and time management that give them the foundations for later life. At OTO, every half term has a unique, real world theme that learners build their projects around. Over the course of that half term they are empowered to create an in-depth project that showcases what they have learnt.


Education is much more than just about the rote memorisation of facts and figures. Learners need to develop crucial skills such as empathy, creativity, critical thinking and more that better prepare them for a rapidly changing world. We believe that these skills are so vital, that we're in the process of creating our own OTO Skill Tree that captures what we see as the essential and life long outcomes that we want every graduate to possess.

Flow state

The 'flow state' refers to a particular state of mind where a person is completely occupied by an activity. Think of a time when you were completely absorbed by something - that feeling of being 'in the zone'. That is what we try to achieve at OTO. We try to design our curriculum to enable our learners to access this Goldilock's zone of learning where it is just the right amount of challenging and fun for them.

How it works


Project based learning is a method that allows students to learn through active, hands-on projects that involve problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Interdisciplinary by nature, project based learning breaks down artificial barriers between subjects as well as encouraging students to apply what they have learned in new and creative ways. Projects might have students creating cookbooks celebrating the food cultures of the school or using artificial intelligence to promote awareness of a social issue!


Heart is a structure and culture at OTO. As a structure it is a crew of like-minded peers led and supported by a mentor. As a culture it is about promoting care, empathy, and personal development. Through the Heart curriculum, students learn how to growth as individuals and as part of a community.

Big Questions

At OTO, we love asking questions. We love questions so much that we built a whole curriculum around answering the most important questions that students are asking. The Big Questions curriculum helps students explore what they want to know and nurtures curious minds interested in the fundamental issues faced by humankind.


Throughout the year, learners have the freedom to choose from a variety of pursuits. These can take the form of personal challenges such as training for a 5k to a course on the global influence of Korean popular culture. Being able to be studied either synchronously or asynchronously, these pursuits afford students the chance to dig deeper and to add to their portfolios.