Lower Secondary

Welcome to years 7-9 at OTO. A fun and engaging programme designed to ignite passions and give learners strong foundations.


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The Lower Secondary curriculum at OTO is one of the most exciting, where our learners have the freedom to explore the largest variety of subjects without any pressure of exams or future decisions. Lower Secondary prepares students with strong foundations across core learning, while also allowing them to uncover the passions and dig deeper into what inspires them.

Student learning at computer

Our Approach

Our learning approach combines cutting-edge virtual learning technology with the very best teachers and mentors. We use a mix of live lessons, flipped learning, engaging projects and more.

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Curriculum and Subjects

Learners in Lower Secondary study through our four signature methods of Projects, Heart, Big Questions and Pursuits. These methods allow us to cover foundational Maths, English, and Science alongside life skills and wellbeing in an innovative way. We find this learning in context makes learning more powerful and engaging, creating long lasting connections with students.

Through our four key practices, learners are also able to delve into a range of other subjects, exploring and cultivating their unique interests. We want to give learners a chance to dive into curated material from our teaching team on topics as diverse as "video game philosophy" and "cryptocurrency". Students can even submit their own independent expeditions, to create a truly unique experience.

Lower Secondary at OTO is not only incredibly fulfilling by itself, but is also designed to ensure a smooth transition into GCSE studies. We emphasise strong foundational knowledge across a range of subjects, as well as fundamental key skills such as self-study habits, independent thinking, and resilience. All of these set our learners up for success in GCSEs and beyond. 


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