Lower Secondary - Years 7-9 - Ages 11-14

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Upper Secondary - Years 10-11- Ages 14-16

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Key Stage 5 - Years 12-13 - Ages 16-18

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Online Classroom

Engaging Curriculum

At OTO we believe that learning should be fun and relevant to the real world. Our students learn through projects and "big questions" that provoke and inspire.

Student learning online

Freedom to learn how you want

With our online learning platform, flipped classroom approach and flexible model of education, students have the freedom to learn how they want.

Student raising hand

Live and interactive lessons

Students have access to regular live lessons with inspiring educators that help them enrich their learning experience. And don't worry if you miss any - they are all recorded!

KS3 - Ages 11-14

Be part of our exciting secondary school community and build strong foundations

GCSE - Ages 14-16

Choose from a broad range of subjects and learn from inspiring teachers