A day at OTO.

Experience what it's like to be a student at OTO.

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Structure without restriction.

At OTO, our school days give learners a clear structure that fills them with a sense of stability and routine. However, we also believe that learners should have agency and control over how their day might look. That's why the OTO day is a perfect blend of fixed structures like check-ins and core lessons alongside flexible modules like more independent learning time and clubs.

Start every day right - Check-ins

The student-mentor relationship lies at the heart of OTO. Every morning, before lessons and activities start, learners are able to speak freely with their mentor, plan for the week ahead, or simply have a fun chat and a game. We find these check-ins are an integral part of grounding students, making sure we are doing all we can to support them, and giving everyone the best possible start to the day.

Daily Learning

Learning takes up the majority of the day at OTO. The individual schedule will depend on each learner but will normally have a mixture of live lessons, independent study work, project based learning time, and any pursuits the student has enrolled in.

Time for flourishing and growth

OTO isn't just about the lessons. It's also about all of the other amazing things you can see and do. Students have time in the week to explore what they are passionate about and interact with like minded peers through clubs and societies.

Time for mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing is not just an "add-on" at OTO. It is woven into our very fabric. This includes emotional check-ins, support from teachers and mentors, and any clinical support from qualified professions.

Open channels of communication

We also understand the importance of keeping parents and families in the loop about how your child is doing and what they have been working on. We maintain open communication between OTO and families and are constantly working together to find new ways of improving our school together.

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